When David Morgan breaks his diet, he likes to eat the most delicious food he can find and last Saturday he was at the filming of the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen with James Martin, Richard Corrigan, Atul Kochhar and Max Beesley with his Be Your Best partner, Rosalind Wythe.

Saturday Night Kitchen

The team produced some fantastic dishes for Max, David and Rosalind to try including – James Martin cooked Crispy breadcrumbed squid with creamy ponzu dressing And Max’s food hell, Parsnip soup with steamed clams. Richard Corrigan cooked Suckling pig and oysters with honey And Atul Kochhar cooked Malay lamb korma, which david is planning to recreate this weekend, But the Crispy Squid will have to remain an eating out treat as David doesn’t own a deep fat fryer! As those of you that have read one of David’s books will know, David believes that we should all have one day a week when we allow ourselves a treat meal and now we know that David really does follow his own rules!