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Muscle maintenance in your thirties.
Peter Andre.

To develop a V shape like Peter Andre you need to build the lats (The wings under your armpits) and reduce the body fat around the waist.

1. Barbell bent over rows 3x 8-12
Hold the bar with an overhand grip with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your back flat and unlock your knees. Now bend forwards at the hips keeping your back flat until your back is 45 degrees to the floor. Pull the barbell to your waist and then lower to the starting position under control.

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Get the training edge

1. Keeping a training log

This is so important because it is a blueprint of where you have been and the results that you have achieved. I have training diaries dating back to 1980. These diaries enabled me to fine-tune my training and learn from my personal experiences. I didn’t win five Commonwealth games by accident. I did it by combining sound training principles and using my diary to fine-tune those principles to suit my body. The memory is a poor substitute for the training diary. Trust me on this one, if you want an edge, break out the hardback book and start recording your efforts.

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Strength gain diet

The following table shows an example of a strength gain diet.
To gain strength & muscle, calories must be high and protein must
always be available. This is achieved by eating often and eating starchy
carbohydrates later in the day. 3 of the snacks include Protein shakes
and one includes Creatine.

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How to get ABS like Ronan

Do the routines below three times per week with at least one day
of rest between sessions.*

Exercise Bike Method

Lean your body forward so that you rest gently on your elbows,
ensuring that you don’t hunch during riding. To find 70-85%
of max heart rate, use the following max heart rate chart.

Improve your abs, improve your stomach muscles

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Increase your one rep max

The aim of this work-out plan is to increase your one rep max in the bench press exercise. The programme should be done on two non-consecutive days every week, for example Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday. You will also need to change your diet to one that has more calories while maintaining a high nutritional value, especially in protein. You will also benefit from using Creatine during this programme.

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Fat loss diet – September

The table below shows how you would adjust your diet for fat loss.

Be your best produce excellent Protein shakes for fat loss. Click to order.

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Calculate how long it will take to get your Six Pack! – February

In the chart below, find your weight in the left-hand column and your waist measurement in the right-hand column. Draw a straight line between the two measurements and where the line crosses the middle column (percent fat) will give you an indication of your body fat percentage.

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