To gain muscle, calories must be high and protein must always be available. We have achieved this by eating often and eating starchy carbohydrates later in the day. Three of the snacks include protein shakes and one includes creatine. As the weeks go by, monitor what is happening to your weight. If you are gaining 1/2 to 1lb per week, that’s fine. If you are not gaining make some small increases in food intake. For example try adding an extra Weetabix and an extra slice of toast at breakfast. If you are gaining too fast and putting on fat you can reduce the calories by changing to skimmed milk and cutting out the toast.

Keep a record of what you are eating and make the changes needed to stay on track. Although the basic rules for gaining muscle remain constant, we are all different. For this reason I do not give exact amounts of food.

You may also find that it takes time to build your food intake up. I had a client who was only able to eat two Weetabix when he first started his muscle gain diet. Every couple of weeks he added 1/2 a Weetabix until he was able to eat enough to start gaining muscle. He ended up eating six! Follow the rules and stay with the plan. Use your diary to make the needed adjustments and you will succeed.

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